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Webinars webinar program for spring 2021. Some of these presentations are in cooperation with our sister activities. See the comments field below.

The main presentations are organized on the last Thursday in each month, at 11:00 AM CET, with an optional in-between Thursday presentation when possible. Each webinar will last around 30 minutes, with 20 minutes dedicated to a presentation and 10 minutes to discussion.

The presentations will be held in Zoom. If you are interested send a message to Babak.

Upcoming program

Date (always starting at 11:00 AM CET)
PresenterTopicIntended audienceLanguageComment
10.06.2021Gunnar Brataas (SINTEF Digital)Software scalability made agileResearchers, practitionersEnglish
25.05.2021Letizia Jaccheri (NTNU)Software Engineering for Society with AI (click to enter zoom meeting)

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Researchers, practitioners. studentsEnglish
Spring 2021

Earlier presentations

06.05.2021Robert Feldt (University of Gothenburg)Publishing in Empirical Software Engineering: An International Journal Download slides
ESEM 2019 keynote
11.03.2021Jana Jágerská (NTNU),
Torgeir Dingsøyr (NTNU)
How to build (over years) and write your European Research Council CV
18.02.2021Anne Wullum Aasback (NTNU)Digital eller ikke? – Nav-veilederes vurderinger rundt valg av kommunikasjonskanal i oppfølgingsarbeidet.Collaboration with NAV and digithealth@idi
28.01.2021Darja Smite (Blekinge Institiute of Technology)Running Successful Communities of Practice – Experience from Spotify Guilds
26.11.2020Torgeir Dingsøyr (NTNU)Coordinating Knowledge Work in Multiteam Programs: Findings From a Large-Scale Agile Development ProgramCollaboration with NAV
29.10.2020Casper Lassenius (SimulaMet) and Parastoo Mohagheghi (NAV)Enabling team autonomy in a large public organizationCollaboration with NAV IT.
24.09.2020Mohammad Ali Kohansal (NTNU), Casandra Grundstrom(NTNU)Kohansal: Challenges of Enterprise Architecture adoption.
Grundstrom: Establishing trust for the social exchange of health data: insurance customers’ expectations
Collaboration with NAV IT.
03.09.2020Sigrid Eldh, (Ericsson)How to write an article to the ICSE Software Engineering in Practice track?
27.08.2020Marius Mikalsen (SINTEF, NTNU)Shifting conceptualization of control in Agile TransformationsCollaboration with NAV IT.