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Lecture by Knut-Helge Roland

Babak Farshchian

We started 2020 with a guest lecture by Knut-Helge Roland from the university of Oslo. Knut-Helge talked about engaged scholarship and how he has used it in his own research, with examples from a case study published in the Information Systems Research journal.

Knut-Helge Roland talking about engaged scholarship in information systems. Photo credit: Elena Parmiggiani.

A central topic for all researchers working with socio-technical systems is how to engage practitioners in research. The concept of engaged scholarship has emerged as a distinctive method where co-creation of knowledge in central. For those interested in this topic the book by Andrew H. Van de Ven,
Engaged Scholarship: A Guide for Organizational and Social Research, by Oxford University Press, can be a good place to start. Van de Ven gives an extensive introduction to the background and the philosophy behind, and discussed the methods used in engaged scholarship.

The slides used by Knut-Helge can be downloaded here. Here is a link to Knut-Helges case study paper of a media company introducing a new platform. Here is a link to a pre-print of the paper.